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Joy Candle!

This line of candles are unique and perfect for setting intentions, meditation, attracting and healing. As you light your candle, set your intention and visualize your wishes as they were already manifested into your reality. 


Comes with Carnelian Crystal Heart.


Carnelian has been used for thousands of years and has a rich history in many cultures. In ancient Egypt, it was used in amulets and talismans, and in ancient Rome, it was used to make signet rings. In some traditions, Carnelian is believed to have healing properties and to promote courage, creativity, and positive energy.


Once your candle has burned retrieve your crystal and carry it with you or place it in a sacred space to bring good fortune within the flow of your life.


Formulated with a blend of organic herbs and essential oils.

Hand-poured and made with 100% soy wax. The soy beans are natural, renewable and biodegradable.

Burn clean without harsh chemical being released into the air. 

  • Made from soy
  • Cotton Wick
  • Contained in Glass, for an even melt

Joy Candle!


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