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Moon Candle!

Hand-poured, natural soy Tequila candle with Black Obsidian stones and Clear Quartz Moon. Sourced from organic ingredients. This Crystal Candle is not only non toxic but is very elegant as well with it's matte and gold finish!

This candle is amazing as it connects you better with the moon. The best times to light this candle and call your wishes is when there is a full or new moon. 

As you light your candle, set your intention and visualize your wishes as they were already manifested into your reality. Once your candle has burned retrieve your crystal and carry it with you or place it in a sacred space to bring good fortune within the flow of your life.


Black Obsidian: Increases motivation for carrying out ideas and eases tension. It is also  believed to create a shield against negative energy, psychic attacks, and electromagnetic radiation. It can also help with grounding, providing stability and balance.

Clear Quartz: Amplifies energy , intentions & provides clarity. Clear quartz can be programmed with intentions, making it a powerful tool for manifestation and goal-setting. By focusing your intention into the crystal, it can amplify and transmit that energy into the universe.

Size: 7.1oz/200g 40 hours burn time.

Moon Candle!


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